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Nodumo Charity Foundation is a registered Non-Profit organisation under the Non-Profit Organisation Act 1997. We work with schools in the poor rural areas to provide school children personal and educational support.

Our Vision

We want to provide school children with basic school necessity and create a positive feel in the school environment so that the learners remain interested in education, school activities and enriching

Our Approach

Nodumo foundation building relationships is a fundamental driver of our cause. We target previously disadvantaged schools and form relationships with the school teachers and principals to help us advance our initiative

Our Objective

To provide necessary support to poor school children to enable them focus on their studies and build their confidence within the school environment so that they can realise the significance of education in their lives

Our Plan

This is the plan we are following to help us achieve our objectives and deliver service to our community. The plan is also there to guide us and keep us accountable to our commitments

Become a Volunteer

Join Our Team to make a difference in our communities. We are a young organisation seeking to make a difference in the society we live in and change children's lives.

our primary school work

The projects that we have rolled our in the past to help learners in primary school.

Cala, Eastern Cape

Cala, Eastern Cape

Cala, Eastern Cape

Cala, Eastern Cape

Cala, Eastern Cape

OUR achievement

These are the statistics that we measure our progress. We have give out school shoes, sanitary towels, school bags and school socks to disadvantaged school kids in the Cala region of Eastern Cape.


school shoes


sanitary towels


school bags



Our Team

This is our dedicated team of volunteers that work towards a common goal to make a difference in a child's life.

Ayanda Nomana


Nkululeko Mpakama


Sambeso Gunguta



These are our generous donor that help us deliver to the school kids in need. We appreciate your efforts in helping us make our dream become a reality

upcoming events

These are the events we have in the pipeline.

Event 1

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Event 2

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Event 3

Dec 19, 2018 Admin



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